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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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HAPPY 2022 EVERYONE! Order Dispatch Resumes 05.01.2022. All Orders Shipped DHL Tracked Express

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Success Stories

Our mission at PodVapes is to help you switch away from tobacco smoking and enjoy a healthier life!  

Need some encouragement? Read how many PodVapers in our PodVape community have used pod vaping to help kick their smoking habit.

Have a smoking success story you want to share? Head to our Instagram at or Facebook and leave us a comment with the hashtag #mypodvapestory. 

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What’s your PodVape story?

I am still really enjoying the Podvapes and I have now completely stopped smoking cigarettes! 

I was a pack a day smoker so I think it's been fantastic and I have not had the urge to go back to smoking at all. 

I have even been offered smokes from friends and I happily decline so thank you so much for introducing me to Podvapes!

- Norman Samuels

I would never have been able to quit smoking by myself. Cold turkey was too hard. I tried once, then 2, 3 times. The vape is a bit of a substitute at the moment but eventually I am going to cut back.

- Steph

I’ve tried nicotine gum, it works for satisfying my nicotine cravings, but it tastes disgusting and i really don’t enjoy it. I currently vape to reduce my cigarette consumption and this is really effective. It’s enough like smoking that I’m satisfied in terms of both nicotine cravings and also mentally satisfied.


I’m immensely proud of myself that I’ve had more than 1 day with no cigarettes!!!


A massive thank you to PodVapes. I think that this is the perfect opportunity for me to shift the smoking habit. I’ve gone in full commitment but it has really paid off. I feel a lot better about myself knowing I am not dependent on cigarettes anymore.

- Jack

Before we started the vaping trial I said I found it impossible to only vape and not have cigarettes. But that has changed and I’m having lots of days with no cigarettes or just one. And I’m saving a fortune. And sleeping better!


I continued to notice how inoffensive it was to others, and that it's more environmentally friendly.


Everything was better… my skin improved, my breathing improved, my generation activity improved… my anxiety lessened… depression lessened...overall my mental and physical health during the vaping trial, really, genuinely improved… my appetite improved. I just saw a whole range of improvements across the board.


Love pod vapes, have quit smoking which is great.

- Tracey

I am still cigarette free, still using pod vapes, would like to be free from pod vaping in the near future. I am very pleased to have been part of the experiment of using pod vapes, it was a bit strange at first, it took a few days for me to get used to using it, I coughed a little for three days, no different from cigarette use, then on the fourth day I decided to not have any more cigarettes, it was easy, no withdrawals. 

What I did was this, when I first started using vapes, I would as usual in the morning have a cigarette, then an hour later I would have several puffs on the vape, next hour a cigarette, so I would alternate each hour and it worked without any problems and after four days of doing that, I felt I did not need cigarettes. 

Most of the success comes from the mind, like nicotine and all other additives which are addictive, so are thoughts, no different, so I had to tell myself I don't need the cigarette, be firm with your thoughts. 

Remember that the brain does not know what is good and bad addictions and the brain does not know the difference between happy, sad, angry or any emotion, the brain just gives to you what it thinks you want, so if you feed the brain negative thoughts, the brain will actually double back the negative thoughts to please you, it is the same with positive thoughts, the brain will double the positive good feels and feed it back to you. That is the secret pill to any addiction, your own thoughts, that is why many fail with patches and gum and other methods.

I had been smoking since I was nine years, now 51 and recently while smoking I was noticing my skin was going dark on my knuckles, was getting more phlegm, coughing more, after I stopped smoking the phlegm vanished after one week, the skin cleared after one month, my sense of smell has come back, taste buds are much better and I can breathe deeply again. Blood circulation is much better, always felt cold, my skin was always cold, felt depressed, it was a cycle of doom, bringing me closer to death every day, that is all gone to the past now, I am happy, fit and getting healthier every day thanks to quitting cigarettes and the vaping was the easy answer.

I had tried Cold Turkey many times, the best was eight months, but in reality, one must be cigarette-free for seven years before you are safe from the addiction coming back as the body takes seven years to clear out the neural connections in the brain and that is the same for any connection and any emotion.

Be positive and you will find it very easy to quit anything, like a garden of flowers, if you do not weed it, the weeds will eventually take over the garden and kill the flowers, the brain is exactly the same, weed your brain every day, be positive and the brain will feed back to you positive chemicals at double the amount, that is how it works. Remember, every thought creates a chemical reaction to every cell in the body, but the brain can not distinguish what is good and bad chemical, it just feeds back to you the same chemical and as a reward, the brain doubles the amount of chemical.

I wish others all the best in their thoughts, be mindful that the brain is an idiot, very complicated, but stupid, like a child that knows nothing, so take control, never let emotions and thoughts of doubt take controls, you take control like a child needs control.

- Dion Tilley

Thank you for allowing me to participate in your trial, it has helped me cut down on my cigarettes and hopefully will quit soon.

- John Weston

I have found a vape I can cope with and have almost replaced ciggys with it.


Over the month of the vaping trial even only having one or two cigarettes a day was like wow, what is going on? And then the last three days not even wanting a cigarette I’d been offered. So yeah… I don’t think I will go back to smoking.


I had a bad diet because I couldn’t afford to buy everything and now I can… I’m really happy, I’m free now.

- Matt

Vaping has really helped me cut back on cigarettes by about 75%, but didn’t stop completely. Champix had no effect.


Positive and happy with vaping less. Super proud to be smoke free.


It was nice still being able to vape and not coughing. Being around people and vaping didn’t feel as bad as when I’d have to sneak away for a smoke and come back smelling like it.


I got used to vaping after a while. It worked to immediately get rid of my cravings.


I didn’t expect to stop smoking altogether, but just no longer have the desire to smoke.


Vape seems to be satisfactory in regards to alleviating my smoke cravings.


I cut back significantly on smoking… about 80% and had quite a few days where I didn’t have any cigarettes at all and I’m so proud and super happy. It’s been awesome.

- Jess

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