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What Is A Pod Vape? – The Beginners Guide

What Is A Pod Vape? – The Beginners Guide-PodVapes™ New Zealand

It shouldn’t surprise you that many devices have been invented to satisfy people’s nicotine cravings however, vaping has become the most popular, socially recognized way to consume it. It has taken the industry by storm and growing in popularity amongst consumers and medical professionals alike. 

Vaping is a lifestyle and it does present its own challenges. Yes, it’s different from previous nicotine delivery mechanisms, but has been effective in keeping the essence of the pleasure in nicotine delivery while dramatically avoiding the risks associated with traditional tobacco smoking.

What You Should Know About A Pod Vape

Pod vapes are small, elegant, easy to use, virtually maintenance free devices. They are capable of delivering a cigarette-like experience, while maintaining the convenience and nicotine hit that existing vapers and smokers crave. 

One of the great things about pod vaping is that there’s a variety of designs, shapes, puff styles, and e-liquid flavours to select from. A pod vape operates using liquid cartridges or “pods” that are either pre-filled or refillable, depending on the brand you buy. 

While vaping is quickly gaining popularity, so has the market, it can be difficult for beginners to choose which one is best suited to their needs.  

At PodVapes™, we sell, what we believe, to be the best options on the market to cater those looking to switch to vaping. 

  • JUUL – It is the ultimate in simplicity and size, providing full-bodied gourmet flavours and a consistent nicotine level that is comparable to cigarettes. Each pod holds 0.7mL of liquid at 1.5%, 3% or 5% nicotine by volume. Each pod will provide up to 210 puffs.
  • MYLE – Manufactured using the latest and advanced technology, MYLE is not just a user-friendly device. It is a lifestyle! Each pod holds 0.9mL of liquid at 5% nicotine by volume. Each pod will provide 240 puffs.
  • BO Plus – BO vaping combines elegance and superb flavors to create a smooth and sleek vape. Manufactured with an emphasis on functionality, this vape is designed to fit seamlessly into your daily life.
  • PHIX – It is an innovative choice for pod vapers. Designed by Major League Vapers (MLV) who are renowned for quality e-liquids. Each pod holds 1.5mL of liquid at 5% nicotine salt by volume. Each pod will provide 440 puffs.

You may be surprised to learn that there are many benefits when you switch to vaping. In fact, some long-time traditional vaping enthusiasts are beginning to invest in a pod vape due to their portability and simplicity to maintain and operate.

  • User-Friendly  – Pod vapes do not require the user to play around with different settings to find their sweet spot. They are uniquely designed to function best at a specific wattage and resistance levels. The only decision required is what flavour you would like to vape that day.
  • Satisfying – If you currently smoke cigarettes, you may find that using a pod device is as satisfying in terms of nicotine delivery. 
  • Portable – They are pocket-friendly devices and a great choice if you travel or enjoy socializing. They are lightweight and discreet and do not produce large amounts of vapor called “clouds” due to the type of nicotine used in the pre-filled pods. 
  • Low-Maintenance – Maintenance can be painful with conventional vaping machines “mods”. If you don’t want to handle the burden of changing coils, replacing and mixing e-liquids, adjusting wattages and pushing buttons, then a pod device is the perfect choice for you. Pod vapes are essentially maintenance free devices that only require wiping with a dry cloth and cotton bud.
  • Discreet – Unlike conventional vaping mods that produce large amounts of vapor “clouds”  to achieve the appropriate nicotine hit, pod vaping is far more discreet. It produces less vapor and ideal for anyone who doesn’t want to get noticed when satisfying your nicotine craving.

What Do You Need To Start Vaping?


Getting the right mindset and making a conscious, committed decision to switch to vaping is crucial during the process. You are likely to revert to your old habits if you are less serious about making a change. Clearly state your goal, write it down, or better, tell your partner that you are going to switch.

Although the action is basically the same, vaping is different from smoking. Yes, the nicotine is still there, which is vital to the success of the switch, but that’s where the similarities end. Getting used to a new sensation may take a while and may not be easy. At some point you may need to try a couple of different devices, liquids and flavours until you discover something that really suits your needs.

What E-Liquids Should You Buy?

The journey of selecting your favourite vape and e-liquid flavour is an exciting one. The good thing about pre-filled pod vapes are that the e-liquid nicotine strengths within each pod is fixed. Many vapers love the consistency this offers, there is no guessing or careful mixing of liquids required. Simply click in a pod and you are ready to go.  

In terms of e-liquid strength, too little nicotine can be less satisfying, too much can produce head spins or can make you dizzy. The secret is to initially neutralize your cravings and then reduce your nicotine dependence by transitioning to pods of lower nicotine strength with the end goal to stop vaping all together.

How Should You Deal With Cigarette Cravings?

Vaping is a more enjoyable method than using patches, gums or prescription drugs, but you still need a support network while you are on the process. While it is useful to reduce cravings, there will be challenges on the way - but don’t worry, here at PodVapes™ we are ready to assist you on this journey. 

We know that you’ll feel a lot more confident about your decision after just a few days of vaping. This lifestyle may not be completely risk-free but vaping has been proven time and time again to be healthier and a far less dangerous nicotine delivery option than smoking. Join us on the path to becoming smoke-free, healthier, and happier. 

What Is A Pod Vape? – The Beginners Guide-PodVapes™ New Zealand
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