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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Unique Coasters Give Facts To Help Kiwis Stub Out The Smokes

Unique Coasters Give Facts To Help Kiwis Stub Out The Smokes



As part of PodVapes ongoing Quit Smoking education programs, PodVapes has released a new range of stylish drink coasters to hotels, bars and clubs across New Zealand. 

The unique collection of educational beer mats features dramatic and eye-catching graphic images of cigarettes, with vaping facts and scientific research results on the reverse side.  

“Vaping has been shown to be much less harmful than smoking,” said Mr Dominic Ball, PodVapes customer support manager. 

“Some research studies have proven that vaping is 95% healthier than smoking, and almost twice as effective as other quitting methods.”

 “These drink coasters are intended to get these types of facts to Kiwis having a drink. Social smoking is very common when people are social drinking. Clubs, pubs and bars are a good place to help show people a less harmful option to satisfy their nicotine cravings.”

 “If people can understand that vaping is a better and less harmful alternative to smoking, and can still provide the nicotine they crave, then they can hopefully make better choices surrounding their health.”

 “The flip-side of the drink coasters includes info on vaping facts and a QR code linking to plenty more information. The

link also provides access to a special 50% off offer for smokers to help them make the switch the vaping.”  

 Dominic explained that the campaign strategy is about health education, and designed to provide smokers in New Zealand with up-to-date accurate information about e-cigarettes so they can make an informed decision about switching to a healthier alternative.

 “At PodVapes, we care about health. We want to see more Kiwis stub out the smokes forever. That’s why our PodVapes team provides a strong support system for smokers who want to quit. Each coaster includes an invitation to get in touch with a specialist member of our vaping support team.”


 If you spot one of these coasters when you’re out and about, let PodVapes know by posting a picture on your social media page and tag @pod_vapes_nz.  

“Please help us spread the facts about vaping,” said Dominic. 

 “Vaping is a much healthier alternative than smoking, and if we all work together on this, we believe New Zealand can be Smoke Free by 2025.”

Unique Coasters Give Facts To Help Kiwis Stub Out The Smokes
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