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Congrats to NZ Ministry of Health!

Congrats to NZ Ministry of Health!-PodVapes™ New Zealand

Big congrats to the NZ Ministry of Health for its new Vaping Facts website. With so much misinformation on vaping, it's great to see the New Zealand government promoting the true facts about vaping.  

At PodVapes™, we fully support Smokefree Aotearoa 2025. Vaping is a vital topic for smokers to learn about, especially as the New Zealand Ministry of Health says vaping products have the potential to contribute to the Smokefree 2025 to help us all achieve this goal.  

The Facts of Vaping

The new Vaping Facts website has information about vaping and smoking in New Zealand. It's intended for people who are looking to quit smoking and those who support them, as well as anyone interested in the role of vaping in New Zealand as a way to quit. 

The Vaping Facts website has three main parts:

* key facts about vaping;

* information on vaping versus smoking

* using vaping to quit smoking including essential tips for success

As the website says, "There are lots of different opinions and beliefs about vaping. Some say it’s as bad as smoking, others say it helps with quitting smoking. It’s actually somewhere in the middle: vaping is not for non-smokers, but it has the potential to help smokers quit." 


 Vaping, the facts from Health Promotion Agency on Vimeo.

The Vaping Facts website presents independent, impartial and unbiased factual information about vaping. Congrats again to the NZ government for taking this initiative.  Once again, NZ leads the way on the global stage!


Vaping Facts website -

NZ Health Promotion Agency

Ministry of Health -

Congrats to NZ Ministry of Health!-PodVapes™ New Zealand
PodVapes™ New Zealand

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