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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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HAPPY 2022 EVERYONE! Order Dispatch Resumes 05.01.2022. All Orders Shipped DHL Tracked Express

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Authentication Checks With ZiiP Pods

Authentication Checks With ZiiP Pods



With an expected growth of 590% by 2025, the vaping industry is rapidly developing into one of the largest international markets. Big brands across the globe are striving to enhance the tech that ex-smokers use to quit. However, this has led some small businesses to take advantage of the industry, creating replicas of reputable brands in an attempt to feed off the current market's success.

Unfortunately, these second-rate copies don't meet the same standards as authentic, trusted vape gear. This puts users in harm's way and can expose them to potentially life-threatening products.

In an effort to eliminate the sale of unethical vape hardware, ZiiP has implemented a selection of online and offline authenticity checks for their products. These are detailed further below.

Digital Verification


As with other industry leaders, ZiiP branded pods are targeted by fraudulent manufacturers looking to turn an easy profit. Despite the copies that are being mass-produced by these companies being nearly identical to official products, none of them can match the technical innovation of true ZiiP hardware.

To ensure complete vaping security, ZiiP has introduced an intelligent verification system for all its gear.

An authentication foil sticker that is typically located at the rear top right corner on the packaging of every ZiiP packet of pods.. Users must remove the 'scratch and check' label to uncover a unique QR code.

This QR code can then be scanned or manually checked at, to identify whether or not the product is authentic.

Brand Compliance


As a registered brand, ZiiP products aim to comply with any and all government-imposed safety guidelines for packaging and manufacturing.

By double-checking logos and any other tell-tale components of authentic brands, you can ensure hardware upholds the standards outlined by the FDA and the New Zealand Ministry of Health.

If the gear is lacking any of the above or something just doesn’t seem quite right, you should avoid use at all costs. And if you do happen to come across fake vaping hardware, you should always report it to the authorities to help protect other unsuspecting vapers.

Tamper-Proof Design


Made for optimal pod security throughout the shipping and storage process, ZiiP brand tamper-proof packaging incorporates a number of checks and balances to maintain the protection of your gear.

For example, each box is double-sealed with unique batch numbered stickers at the top and bottom. This deters individuals from opening the packaging of unsold pods and assures users that their pods are untouched upon receiving them..

In addition, all pods are individually sealed in blister packaging to maintain e-liquid freshness and prevent unwanted access.

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Don't Settle for Counterfeit Pods

Next time you purchase your ZiiP gear, be sure to check it against ZiiPs online verification system. This will give you a clear indication as to whether or not your pod is genuine. 

Deterring these dangerous 'copycat' brands is the ultimate goal. With reputable brands like ZiiP introducing thorough checks to keep vapers safe and reporting fake gear, it will help stamp out more and more unauthorized manufacturers and sellers.

Authentication Checks With ZiiP Pods
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